Fishing Lures, Spinners and Flashers from Shane's Black Water

Science-Inspired Gear for Serious Sportfishing



Fishing lures, flashers and spinners from Shane's Black Water are a game changer.


At Shane's Black Water Sportfishing Specialistss, we design, build and market top of the line fishing tackle, specializing in black water applications for Trout, Bass, Pickerel and Walleye.

Catch All the Action

Black Water fishing tackle from Shane's is your best bet for big bass








Everyone who has ever cast a fishing rod has probably caught their first fish on an inline spinner. Here at Shane's Black Water, we know the importance of fishing with a durable, easy to cast, attractive lure, just to have that "lucky" lure feeling. At Shane's, we offer a variety of inline spinners that will provide hours of sportfishing fun and fish catching thrills.






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