Shane's Black Water Fish Tales

Sportfishing tackle from Shane's is the start of a lot of great stories


Lake troll set up

Heres a video to describe how to troll for trout using the Shanesblackwater trout troll.



Trolling for Brook Trout with Flashers

Here is a mostly unedited video of us trolling for brook trout one morning using our Blackwater small Flashers and fly combo. We kept it mostly unedited because we chit chat about a lot of useful info to make your next brook trout fishing trip more successful. Please feel free to message us to ask questions about our set ups.


downrigging 101 HD

Here's a video explaining our simple, easy to you and very efficient way we down-rig in our lakes that have a inconsistent bottom depth. Towards the end we switch to Long lake Adventures where Gerald hooks into a nice landlocked salmon with the Technique.


Lake Trout 2018

Video of the crew at long lake adventures using lake trolls targeting lake trout and land locked salmon.


Shane's Black Water Sportfishing Photo Album

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Trolling or casting, Shane's lures and spinners are designed for the black water lakes and rivers of the Canadian Shield. Sportfishing lures from Shane's is the best choice for Canadian black water anglers




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